Why Hire a Landscape Architect

What is a Landscape Architect and why should I hire one?

Landscape Architects have unique training and education that spans the professions of architecture, engineering and horticulture. This training allows us to approach each project with an eye towards integrating the various structural and design elements of a project while honoring the land and enhancing the human experience. Landscape Architects are highly educated, trained professionals who work for you, the client, and have your best interests in mind. There is no set agenda and no push for one product or solution to a problem ensuring you get sound advice and great designs, based on your needs and objectives. Landscape Architects can design anything between the doorsill and the property line, including garden structures, terraces, patios, walls, gardens, pools and anything else we can dream up to enhance the landscape.

How is a Landscape Architect different from a landscape designer or landscaper?

Landscape Architects are a licensed profession in all 50 states. Each Landscape Architect is required to have many years of training and education before they can become licensed.  Every Landscape Architect has met a stringent standard of professional knowledge and experience prior to being licensed and therefore able to be called a Landscape Architect.  Landscape Architects, as a licensed profession, can stamp drawings required for submittal for public approvals. Whereas, Landscape Designers are unlicensed, unregulated and there is no standard by which to measure their knowledge or experiences. Even the good designers cannot touch the breadth of knowledge or experience a Landscape Architect brings to each project. In short, anyone with an interest in plants and design can call themselves a landscape designer.

How do I know I need a Landscape Architect for my project?

If your project involves more than just installing a few plants and requires the design and integration of various structural elements of project, then you would benefit from the skills and expertise of a Landscape Architect.  Most projects have unique considerations, such as grade changes, wetlands, buildings or desired program elements, that need to be integrated into the design and would be well served to have the input of a Landscape Architect. If you project requires any review and approval by a public agency then you probably need a Landscape Architect.

How is Rock Spring Design Group different from other Landscape Architecture firms?

Rock Spring Design Group, LLC is different from other Landscape Architecture firms in that we believe each and every design, while solving the client’s programmatic needs, should honor the land and enhance the human experience.  We do this through a client centric collaborative design process that seeks to engage the client and determine how each client wants to utilize and live in their landscape and enjoy the outdoors.  By determining this, we can create unique outdoor spaces, which speak to our client’s lifestyle and aspirations. Each design considers and integrates outdoor furnishings, garden structures, hardscapes and plant materials to create an ideal environment for living.  We believe that each design should work in conjunction with and support the architecture, so they create a unified whole, becoming more than the sum of their parts. We utilize this approach on residential as well as commercial and institutional projects to create unique outdoor spaces and landscape which support the buildings primary function.